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Here, we carefully take complete process of our services to create your digital business idea into real world.
Doing this extensively we offer following services and we are dealing with almost all the web technologies work.

Game development

We deliver engaging games for iOS, android platforms. We create bonds through play. We offer 2D & 3D game development services. We help you to create an amazing game play experience for both mobile or desktop games.

Gamification consultancy

We can offer our know-how in mobile game industry for planning gamification solutions to improve business possibilities for any companies.

Augmented reality

We have a consolidated know-how in AR solutions development. We can offer a consultancy to drive companies to fit the best solution.

UI/UX design

We help you to stand out from the crowd with our unique, innovative designs and optimized user experiences. Our designs give your users the best view of your products. We design clean and user friendly designs that seems smooth and effective one.

Game Art making

We help you in converting your ideas into illustrations and designs, both for 2d and 3d content. We work collaboratively to create the most truthful, compelling and beautiful image of your vision through sharply graphics design work. We help you to create an attractive brand logo which embossed your brand identity.

Real time Web

With a wealth of experience in this industry we do interactive web experience using WebGL technologies. We help to transform your brand’s online appearance by designing and developing websites with great looking and highly responsive.

Our Games

Here an example of only our latest product that we have working for, but we developed more and more prototypes for the game industry.

Wars of Calibran

A Turn Based 4X Strategy Game developed for PC

Volo Bla Bla

A serious Game to help children who have pronunciation difficulties.

Turbo Lettura

Serious game to help children with dyslessia, published only in Italy

Slayer Knight

published hyper casual game

Graffiti Master

published hyper casual game

Slice Better

published hyper casual game

Color Overturn

published hyper casual game

Boom Boom Jump

published hyper casual game


published hyper casual game

Hyper burst

in development hyper casual game

Mystery Of Grayon

in development mobile AR game

About Us

Over the years that we have been in this industry, we have worked with numerous companies as emplyee. In 2015 we joined together, initially pushed by passion, and our story begins!

  • 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The team was founded under the name of Logiadream, we making more and more game prototypes for pure hobby. We love make games and we couldn't stop to do it.

  • December 2017

    Our first published game

    Logiadream published his first game "Tetrip" on the Google Play Store, recently we take the hard decision to remove it from the store.

  • July 2019

    Rebirth and expansion

    The team reorganize itself under the name of "Awakening", with new members. We take the decision to turn our dreams to reality and to working together fulltime.

  • 2020

    Became a company

    We are finally ready to show our works to the world!

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Our Team

We are a studio of video game developers located in Italy. Driven by passion, four IT experts and artists came together to realize their dreams to working in the game industry as independent, after more than 10 years experience in the industry.

Raffaele Vizzi

Lead Game Designer

Gabriele Gindro

Lead Coder

Simone Caretto

Lead 3D artist

Carlo Esposito

Lead 2D artist

.. and so on! We can rely on many other figures that collaborate with us, covering all aspects in the game development industry.

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